What's new - Whatever occurs on the site is recorded here
General facts - a short overview of the history of children's literature; a few facts about such things as illustrations or poetry...a few more facts about something I have just forgotten
Writers - from the beginning of all ... omniscient John Bunyan, Jonathan Swift with his Gulliver, Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter ... all packed and labeled
Illustrators - the same as I've just said about writers ... have you ever notice how macabre some of these pictures are?
Comics - carnival of sorts - big guys like Superman, Batman and Conan and funny guys like Snoopy and Garfield ... and the other guy called Sandman
Fairy tales - real horrors and fears are hidden beneath the surface of those tales ...did you know that the prince first raped Sleeping Beauty and then woke her up?
Poets - another bunch of guys playing with words
Websites - links to other sites concerning children's literature

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